July 01, 2011

Patagonia: A honeymooner's guide

Straddling both Argentina and Chile, Patagonia is home to the World Heritage National Park Torres del Paine and some of the most breathtaking, untouched vistas in the world.

The Park itself is full of stunning glaciers, lakes, fjords, mountains, wild flowers and colourful birdlife, and getting back to nature is easy with plenty of hiking trails, nature walks and river kayaking.

As for accommodation, EcoCamp Patagonia gives you the opportunity to stay in this remote wilderness while having as little impact on the natural habitat as possible.

EcoCamp provides igloo-like eco “domes” – of which there are three types – Core, Standard and Suite – but considering you are on your honeymoon, we recommend opting for the latter.

The Suite Domes are built in the same way as the ancient native Kaweska's dwellings, who were the first inhabitants of the area. Each dome has a private bathroom, surprisingly plush double beds and are heated by modern low-emission wood stoves.

The domes are designed to produce minimal environmental impact, with each one having its own composting device to process waste, while electricity is generated with a micro-hydro turbine and solar panels.

EcoCamp will also help you plan an itinerary of activities during your stay (as gentle or adventurous as you choose). Local guides will lead you on treks, horseback riding, kayaking, mountain climbing, fly fishing and sailing – pretty much every outdoor activity you can think of!

When to visit: Weather is often unpredictable in Patagonia, with strong winds and sudden storms common. Summertime (December through February) is the best time to visit as temperatures are generally warmer and trails are more accessible.

Must-do: A tour of the Perito Moreno Glacier is touted as the most spectacular excursion in all of Patagonia, where you’ll take in impressive natural sites such as Lake Argentino, as well as quaint Patagonian farmhouses peppered along the Mitre riverbank.

Stay at: EcoCamp Patagonia.

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