April 04, 2011

Hair advice from Kevin Murphy

Ensuring your hair is in peak condition for your wedding day (read: shiny and soft, not ratty and heat-frazzled) is all about investing in the right products and practices leading up to the day.

Called upon to attend to some of Hollywood’s top celebs’ hair (Cate Blanchett, Naomi Watts, Selma Blair and Monica Belucci, to name a few) celebrity hair stylist Kevin Murphy offers his top tips to help maintain lustrous locks:

Cutting: “A haircut is everything… it’s your crowning glory and it can really make or break your look. If you get a good hair cut, it should grow out really well. A good hairdresser should cut your hair so the style lasts up to three months.”

Washing: “If you have long or coloured hair, it's important to use a quality shampoo and conditioner, particularly if your hair is fine as it’s more fragile. And fragile hair needs to be nurtured.”

Treatments: “If your hair is damaged, you need to invest in a good quality treatment and use it regularly. Ideally the treatment should be in a concentrated form, with ingredients specially chosen to assist in repairing your hair.”

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