March 18, 2011

Helpful bride hint #1: Buy yourself a notebook

If you're anything like me (who's more than a little obsessed with girly stationery) cracking open the spine of a fresh, candy-coloured notebook and scrawling in a fat felt-tip pen across the unblemished paper, is enough to induce a little pleasurable thrill.

For the busy bride, having a notebook listing the myriad of tasks you need to tackle – from booking your dress fittings to planning cake sampling appointments – is enourmously helpful.

I'm a fan of Kikki K's Wedding Notes (pictured) which includes helpful checklists, budget sheets and appointment trackers, or you can simply purchase a pretty notebook from Papier d'Amour, Pink Paris Paperie or Snow & Graham and map out your own checklists.

Tell us, did you use a special notebook to keep track of your wedding 'to do' list?

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